Jesse Kay  Hospital was established as a ministry of Happy Life Children’s Home. The Hospital was established with the aim of providing healthcare services to the children at Happy Life, more so because of the many health challenges the children undergo before or after rescue.

Below is an encouraging story of one of the children in Happy Life. Chuck’s story gives a reflection of most of the children at Happy Life and the impact they bring to Jesse Kay Children’s Hospital.

Baby Chuck was received at Happy Life from KKPI adoption agency on 20th August 2019, when he was just one month old. The mother gave away the baby due to her family background challenges and Chuck’s father was a drug addict.

Since his admission at Happy Life Children’s Home, Chuck has had several health challenges rotating around pneumonia, febrile illness and acute infection, just to name a few. During his first 5 months at the home, he was hosted as an inpatient at Jesse Kay  Hospital and other referral hospitals at least more than 5 times.

Most of the times that he was given referral was due to lack of consultants and some specialized equipment but through the directors, the hospital was able to bring in specialists, consultants and expanded the hospital by setting up essential units such as the Imaging department and the theatre wing which highly reduced the number of external referrals. Jesse Kay management team tends to set up units as per the number of cases to reduce referral cases as well as expand the hospital’s services.

Chuck’s health has greatly improved considering his last visitation to the hospital was on 24th September 2019.

Through God’s favor and grace and the dedication and professionalism of the staff at Jesse Kay Children’s Hospital, Chuck is now an energetic and tenacious child