It was around 2:49 am on a Monday morning. I was motionless in bed, I had woken-up with a stat, and it was unusually silent. At a distance a howling dog could be heard. The night was abnormally silent, no motorbikes passing along the road, no noisy matatus, and no music from the night clubs. The noise of drunkards and businessmen was unheard of right now.

Earlier, I had received calls from some friends and family friends; the fear in their voices was evident. The uncertainty, the anticipation of the possible destruction. The laughter in people was gone. The energy to do any activity was also gone.

Nairobi, the green city under the sun was a shadow of itself. I said some prayers remembering my family, friends and workmates. I beseeched God to have mercy on mankind, not to let satan have any control over our lives. I remembered the sick in Kenya and in other nations, I told God to be in control of all that we are going through.

Nairobi is silent due to the virus that nobody can see with their own eyes. No more noise from the aircrafts or vehicles. Light showers began at around 5:00am, I felt strongly that God had heard my prayers, it was a new day with a lot of blessings, and a voice kept encouraging me to encourage others. The laughter in the streets is diminished; tomorrow seems like a far-fetched thought.

When superior countries technologically suffer in the face of the COVID- 19 pandemic, I can’t help but think where we are, where is Kenya?

I still remember 18th of February 2018 when Jesse Kay Children’s Hospital started operating, I gave my first injection of tetanus, the day is still fresh in our minds. I was full of hope and anticipation. The directors were with us, as we kept visiting our primary hub, Happy Life Children’s Home. At first there was rejection from all at Happy Life; they kept telling us that they like taking their babies to the hospitals around but with time, the mothers discovered that the hospital was the treasure they never had.

On 6th of April 2020, we had ten babies from Happy Life Children’s Home with pneumonia and other infections. It was worrying for the hospital staff and Happy Life mothers. The news of COVID-19 infections was everywhere. A seed of worry had been planted on all of us. Are we dealing with Covid-19 cases? These were silent questions asked by all, including a pediatric cardiologist who came to see the babies. Do we put on face masks, goggles, gowns or gloves? How do we handle these cases?

The period and time was different; we were standing on unfamiliar grounds. The hospital staff and the mothers were spending more days in the premises. It would have been impossible to send the sick babies to another hospital as no hospital was accepting patients unless on emergencies.