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Welcome to Jesse Kay Hospital

Jesse Kay Hospital is a level 4 medical institution which was established in 2018 as a pillar of Happy Life Mission. At Jesse Kay Hospital, we strive for excellence in health care through the provision of expert, compassionate and ethical care to all our patients.  We aim at providing timely and efficient medical services both inpatient and outpatient on a wide range of services. Among them, general and specialized treatments, Surgeries, Clinics  and Consultations.

Pharmacy Services

For all your prescription needs, our easily accessible pharmacy is fully stocked with both over the counter drugs and prescription based drugs.

Theatre Services

Our operating theatres are equipped with first class surgical equipment and highly functional machines of the highest quality, which surgeons and our other physicians use to perform lifesaving procedures.

Specialized Services

We offer various Specialty Consultations which include - Physiotherapist services, ENT specialist, Gynecologic services, Nutritionist/Dietician services and Orthopedic services. These are offered by friendly, well trained and experienced doctors and nurses.

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory use state-of-the-art equipment and perform daily quality control testing to ensure accuracy. We perform both routine and special request tests

Doctors Consultation

Enjoy world class health services from our qualified medical doctors, physicians and specialists at Jesse Kay Hospital

Imaging/Radiology Services

Our board-certified radiographers and radiologists provide advanced diagnostic imaging services which help your physician to make the best medical diagnosis. We have the newest model of Ultrasound Machine.

Dental Services

Our state-of-the-art dental X-ray and care center in Kenya enable us to perform the most advanced dental procedures. Our team of experienced dentists and orthodontics work diligently to ensure that we bring healthy smiles to your face. After all, a healthy smile needs good dental care.

Inpatient & Outpatient

We offer both impatient and outpatient for both pediatrics and adults. We have spacious and well ventilated world class wards in our facility. Our doctors are on ready offer you world health services. Visit us today and enjoy good health

Know Who We Are

Our Short Story

Someone rightly said that ‘big dreams start small’, yet even for visionaries like Bishop Peter & Faith Ndungu, building a Level Four Hospital was not anywhere in their dreams. Their dream together with the US Directors, Rev. Jim & Sharon Powell was really to build a two-room clinic at the Happy Life Children’s Home Center in Juja Farm.

Being such a rural area and with impassable roads, the access to good healthcare was  a big concern to the local community. Thus, in their initial strategic plan the idea of a clinic that would serve the children at the Center and the local community was clearly spelt out.

Offering World Class Health Care Services

We are your number 1 health care facility in Nairobi with world class health care service at affordable rates

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Jesse Kay Hospital Maria-ini

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Free Medical Camp

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A Doctor’s fear in the face of COVID

A Doctor’s fear in the face of COVID

It was around 2:49 am on a Monday morning. I was motionless in bed, I had woken-up with a stat, and it was unusually silent.



The best hospital ever, with the best nurses and docs

 - Susan Mugure -